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Property for Sale in

Casoli countryside

Chieti Province, in Abruzzo Central Italy.

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Euro 120.000
ref. n4781
Terrace and fantastic views in the center of Casoli

Casoli , Abruzzo at the countryside Casoli, Abruzzo. Apartment on the 4th floor in the center of Casoli, a lively town with all amenities, offering a spacious terrace with open and fabulous views, two bedrooms, a lounge and kitchen and spacious bathroom. There is lift an it is fully centrally heated. The bloack has enough non allocated parking places but there is an option to buy a garage for a further Euro 15,000. There is Euro 30 to pay for condominium. 10 minutes drive to Lake Casoli.

Property for sale in Abruzzo, Chieti Province, Central Italy

Property for sale in Abruzzo, Chieti Province, Central Italy. Holiday Home for sale. House for sale in Casoli cost Euro 135.000 code n4781